Ali B.
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Home Town

St. Charles, MO


Missouri University of Science and Technology




Architectural & Civil Engineering

What Activities are You Involved In?

Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity, Miner Challenge and S&T Intramurals.

What Brought You to ARCO?

I first heard of ARCO when a friend of mine, Taylor, told me about how great of an experience she was having working for the company. I started researching and got in contact with them before my school’s fall career fair. When we got to talk face-to-face, I was affirmed these were the type of people I wanted to work for, and that their values lined up directly with my own.

What is a Typical Day Like for an ARCO Co-Op?

When I get to work, I make sure to get organized right away. I will create a list of on-going/weekly tasks I know I need to accomplish, then check in with my project managers to see if there is anything else I can help them out with that day. As I work through my to-do’s, I’m always willing to add to the list to help other project managers with tasks they may come to me with for help. Every day brings new challenges and chances for me to learn.

What is the Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

Be happy, and a reason will come along.

If You Could Give Advice to Future Co-Ops, What Would it Be?

Be energetic, stay willing to get involved on projects, and take plenty of notes.

What is On Your Bucket List?

I want to run a full marathon before I’m out of college.